Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ganesh Maquette 1.0

I taught a one day maquette workshop several weeks ago at SJSU for some of the students in the anim/illus program. I needed some kind of bi-ped character to do a demo on so I decided on Ganesh. He is a deity in the Hindu religion and is described as man with an elephants head. My wife and I was traveling in Cambodia several years ago and we missed a chance of buying a small sandstone Ganesh sculpture. Since we won't be traveling to Asia anytime soon I guess I'll have to sculpt one.

Today while I was putting on the grey sculpy over the original pink baked sculpy. It reminded me of the scene from the "Empire strikes back" when Darth vader is interupted in his meditation chamber with his helmet off and the back of his head exposed...Yuck.

At this early stage of blocking in Ganesh I'm trying to retain the gesture from the posed armature wire. Yeah... I know it looks more like some kind of space alien.

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