Sunday, September 20, 2009

China Camp @ Sunset

China Camp around sunset. Both of these are in painted in gouache at the same time and on the same paper.

Issac our Savior

Issac was our model for a five hour pose on Saturday. The model that was booked for the five hour pose flaked out on us. Luckily for our painting group Issac was in town and available to sit for us. Thank you very much Issac.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mo' Mendocino

These two oil paintings are also from my weekend in Mendocino. Several friends that I attended the workshop with also pulled together our money to rent a house right on the edge of a cliff that looks over the ocean. It was quite a spectacular view to say the least even with very, very foggy conditions.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mendocino Workshop w/ Tiemens

I attended Erik Tiemens 2 day watercolor & gouache workshop with several friends held at the Mendocino Art Center over the weekend. This is my first formal introduction into using watercolors and I would highly recommend taking this workshop if you are interested in landscape painting using these mediums.

The paintings were all done from memory and imagination which Erik encourages through out the class. The very last painting is a composition composed from imagination and a few drawings from my sketchbook. Erik was also kind enough to give me a quick crit and a 3 minute demo over some areas of my painting. He gave it more contrast and pop by adding the blue and yellow to the sky. The stream of light cutting across the ocean to help silhouette the rocks in the mid ground. The pale yellow-orange highlights on the rocks in the background and finally making the foliage on the tree in the foreground larger. What a great enjoyable weekend of painting!