Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nishi Honganji, Kyoto

I was in Japan from September 1st - 11th to attend my sister in-law's wedding in Kyoto. The ceremony was held at Nishi Honganji, the headquarters of their Buddhist temple in the older section of the city and was visually stunning. Since we were busy with the family, I only had a few brief opportunities to paint.

The first one is based on my memory of the wedding day. The ceremony was held in a building adjacent to the main temple and afterwards, we walked in a procession to the main temple as an attendant held up a red umbrella in front of the newlyweds.

The other two gouache studies are from life of the main entrance of the Nishi Honganji temple gates. One is painted from the courtyard inside the grounds and the other is across the street from the gate.


Tseng wei said...

These are so amazing Cameron! i personally love the tradition Japanese buildings but your paintings makes them look even better. makes me wanna be there :(

Cameron Chun said...

Thanks Tseng! I am glad you like them : ) lol...I don't know about my paintings making them look better? The old temples look amazing by themselves. See u around the art building.

Chris Sanchez said...

I really like the contrast in the umbrella on that top one Cameron and also when i squint it looks like victorian era clothing so its kind of got a nice western meets eastern sort of read, so cool :D

Cameron Chun said...

Thanks Chris! If you saw that red umbrella in real life it is truly stunning. I wanted to paint that scene as soon as I saw it. See you in the hallways.