Monday, October 20, 2008

Gouache Studies

I took my class painting on Sunday to observe atmospheric perspective at the Monte Bello space preserve. I was not satisfied with the painting I produced in the afternoon so I stopped at the vista lookout on my way home off the 280 just before the 92 interchange. The view was amazing with the fog catching some warm sunlight as it was rolling over the hills.

Lately as I'm driving around the bay area there has been some stunning light and color in the early mornings or twilight. I wish I could just stop wherever I am and start painting, but obviously that would be dangerous in the middle of the freeway. So these two little color studies are from memory/invention. I haven't done many of these but they were fun to do.

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Julia Lundman said...

I think I know the spot you're talking about on 280! The fog rolling in is amazing there.

All of these look really fantastic! I like the two from memory - very nice compositions and color overall.